2014 Focus Ärzteliste

Professor Eingartner has again been nominated “TOP Physician” for hip and knee in a nationwide survey conducted by the german magazine FOCUS. It is now the sixth subsequent nomination on a year-by-year basis. According to the magazine, Prof. Eingartner is one of the experts which can be recommended specially for joint replacments (total joint arthroplasty) both in hips and knees.

The recommendation is based on an extensive evaluation which is performed by the magazine, including interviews with medical professionals and patients, published data on frequencies of procedures performed by particular surgeons, scientific activity and publications in medical journals.

Professor Eingartner: “I do fee proud and honoured to be subsequently nominated as an expert for hip and knee replacement, now for the sixth year. Basically, it is the result of consistent work over all the years, both clinically and scientifically. I am involved in total joint replacement since two decades, reading and thinking, writing and publishing, lecturing nationally and internationally. But most importantly, what I do is to work hard to obtain perfect quality for every single patient, every day. Finally, it pays off.”